Monday 8 July 2013


Welcome to The Secret Victorianist – a blog dedicated to lesser known nineteenth-century literature. I’ll be writing articles and reviews about the Victorian literature I love – novels which were bestsellers in their time but are now forgotten, plays which entertained for decades on the nineteenth-century stage – sharing points of interest I’ve noticed and advising on how to get your hands on rarer texts. 

About me: I have two degrees from University of Oxford, but this blog isn’t just for academics. It’s for anyone who enjoys reading and the texts it concentrates on are those which I think would still appeal today. I now work in marketing, but reading, and writing about what I read, remains a source of pleasure to me. So, on this blog, I’ll share the other side of me – as a Secret Victorianist – letting you in on the hidden treasures I’ve been lucky enough to come across and discovering more from you along the way.

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